Changing How Companies Develop Their Teams

Changing How Companies Develop Their Teams

At Bear Claw, we value innovation and collaboration. You will be surrounded by like-minded colleagues who are constantly pushing the boundaries and themselves. When we build, we value practicality and simplicity just as much in the backend as we do the Users’ experience. Groundbreaking company development is what we do. We are looking to develop a diverse, passionate, and goal-oriented team. Contact us to learn more and see if you fit in with the team!

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Bear Claw Values

Bear Claw Values

  • Collaboration

  • Customer Needs

  • Innovation

We believe in learning from each other and working together to make something great

We invest ourselves into exceeding our users’ needs in an ever-changing work environment

We encourage new ideas that can change what is possible

Bear Claw Benefits

Bear Claw Benefits

  • Professional Growth

We aim to create an environment in which we are constantly growing – developing professional and technical skills which encourages career growth.

  • Employee Well-Being

We are invested in the future of our employees, offering health insurance, competitive pay and financial growth plans to guarantee the future.

  • Work Environment

We provide top-end technology and creative work-spaces which encourage creativity and innovation along with the well-being of our employees.

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