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Our drive for diversity and inclusion came with the cultivation of our task force. At the core, we realized that our employees shape and push us forward. Due to this, we’ve strived in creating this environment where our employees feel free of judgment, feel included, and thus, can bring their true selves into the workplace. By focusing our attention to the elimination of bias and discrimination in the workplace and allowing employees to enjoy freedom of expression, we encourage our employees to pursue new opportunities bring new ideas to the table. By bringing their true selves into the workplace, they’re bringing their best selves.

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Opportunity for Everyone

We hold ourselves accountable to diversity, inclusion, and impartiality. Diversity and inclusion are ceaseless, and we ensure this by creating a multitude of opportunities and acknowledgments. Having recruiting opportunities with diversity as their intent, impartial performance reviews, and taking the time to ensure inclusivity in our product, we are relentlessly on a journey to embrace and cultivate an environment where our employees feel welcome.