-What To Look For in a Great ATS

As part of their recruiting regiment, Most companies understand the need to create job descriptions/qualified candidates and post them to a multitude of job boards and social media platforms with the intent to get in front of a large and relevant talent pool and talent acquisition audience. To be able to handle this smoothly and efficiently, on a low or massive scale you will need a well performing applicant tracking system.

This is undeniably true for organizations that either fail to take advantage of modern applicant tracking and recruiting software – or may still be stuck with an antiquated applicant tracking system that is difficult to use for the applicants as well as the internal recruitment team.

“To be able to handle [talent acquisition] smoothly and efficiently, on a low or massive scale you will need a well performing applicant tracking system.”

A great Applicant Tracking System can increase a company’s recruiting effectiveness by helping to streamline sourcing, social engagement, and the entire hiring workflow into one integrated ATS/CRM platform. As a bonus, modern recruiting software would also make sure that the employer/candidate experience is amazing, and that the internal recruiting teams would also find it easy and productive to use the applicant tracking system. Nevertheless, making an incorrect choice when choosing your ATS/CRM is likely to have a negative impact on your organization’s hiring success. The outcome of this could be lost talent, despondent management and a huge waste of time and money. It leads to a high degree of irritation for the internal team that can see that they could not successfully hire top talent due to problems with the internal software systems and technology or lack thereof.


One must consider the following list of things before choosing a good ATS for their company.

Each Company Has Its Own Business Requirements

Understanding the business desires of your organization is critical to deciding which systems would serve your company’s needs best. This is certainly true in the case of selecting a good applicant tracking system for your specific needs. In general, users can be categorized as small, medium, and large enterprises with global operations or staffing agencies. Many vendors try and fit their solution into every situation, the reality is that many of the current systems come short in terms of providing organizations with modern methods of creating effective recruiting practices. A “same as the other guys” approach to recruiting is the last thing you want your organization to sign up for. Just because another organization uses a certain system is not a good reason for your company to select it. The advisable thing to do is to understand and define the needs of your unique organization in the same way you would create a job description – to make sure you look for exactly what your company needs. Find out if the vendor is willing to work with you to clearly comprehend your requirements and provide a recruiting platform with an exact applicant tracking system that can be tailored to your specific needs.

“Understand and define the needs of your unique organization in the same way you would create a job description

 Communication Internally Through Your ATS

A major advantage of using a next-gen multi-user recruiting system like Bear Claw ATS/CRM, is that it allows the entire recruiting team to work collaboratively and simultaneously on the same platform. All those involved in the recruiting process need access to the right information at the right time to be informed and briefed for the interview process that takes place. To ensure this, a good Applicant Tracking System must be able to assist the interviewers by engaging in conversations with employers/candidates and by providing them with all the background information that is needed. The ATS you pick should automate the process of conveying this information to your recruitment team by populating it in their events calendar. To do this, a good Applicant Tracking System must make it user friendly for all participants in the process to access the system easily and communicate with each other as needed.

ATS User Experience, Career Site and Employer Branding

Anything that is efficient and is user friendly is always a top choice when it pertains to a great Applicant Tracking System. A user’s experience must be an encounter you would love to share with others. Your ATS should be fast, easy to access, and very intuitive. When users are subjected to a poor or slow performance experience, they are likely to abandon the application and would be reluctant to return to your website. In addition, a poorly designed employer/candidate experience that makes them go through various unnecessary steps to create a profile and enter redundant information contributes to the bad user experience that is not acceptable to candidates. These are very important factors that reflect on your employer brand and must be given a high priority when assessing a good Applicant Tracking System.

“When users are subjected to a poor or slow performance experience, they are likely to abandon the application…”

Social Media Interaction Directly from Your ATS

Recruiting software solutions are incomplete and ineffective if they do not interact with social media and the power of social networks. The top talent that you are seeking to fill your open opportunities are mostly living on social platforms for networking, work and various other reasons. These social giants are also the places where you need to be to get access to the best passive candidates that you are looking for. A good test of your applicant tracking system demo is the level of integration it provides with social media platforms. Does your ATS make it really simple for you and your entire organization to share candidates/jobs on social media and then track the success rate? Test the entire social media recruiting capabilities during the demo to make sure you know what you are getting and how well it is integrated with the applicant tracking system.

Intelligent and Fast Candidate Search

A great part of getting your recruiting activity on par is to be able to manage your candidates with the ability to search speedily and easily, screen and filter through the mass numbers of incoming candidates that your ATS contains. Unfortunately, most applicant tracking systems fall short when providing adequate functionality for this purpose. A good Applicant Tracking System must offer the power of quick and simple search functionality with great results that are displayed in a logical format and are easy to understand and comprehend. A good applicant tracking system would also provide excellent resume parsing capabilities to make searching easier and more accurate. Before deciding on the right ATS for your company, check out the search capabilities to ensure that it would help you drill deep into your candidate data to find the people you are searching for based on keywords and other criteria.

Variety of Integrations

Depending on the needs of the company, your organization may want to integrate the Applicant Tracking System with some other software systems. Most organizations have a need to integrate their website with their ATS so they can source applicants directly from their corporate website. In the case of larger organizations with a website, whereas larger organizations may want to integrate the ATS with another HRIS or in-house system. When choosing a good applicant tracking system for your organization, make sure to understand the software’s ability to quickly integrate existing systems when desired. Third party software platforms such as Zoom, Gmail, Zapier, Microsoft are examples of Integrations that could integrate with your ATS. It is also important to find out if the vendor has the ability to provide custom integrations if needed.

“…make sure to understand the software’s ability to quickly integrate existing systems…”

7 Simple Task and Workflow Automation

Automation of tasks, in general, is an obvious expectation from a recruiting platform. However, the level of this expectation keeps changing over time. Companies want the ability to minimize friction in the hiring process. They want a system that helps them keep things on track and moving forward. A good applicant tracking system can help in removing unnecessary delays and obstacles from the recruiting workflow with the use of reminders and notifications to keep things moving forward based on deadlines and company objectives. When it comes to finding and hiring top talent, every company has its own unique requirements. Furthermore, it takes some time for a company to identify the sources and methods that work well for their talent acquisition regiment. A good applicant tracking system can help in determining these quickly by providing full visibility into the workflow. Hiring related analytics provide the necessary insights for employers to understand what’s working and which areas within the recruiting process may need more attention.

Existing Data Migration

When migrating to a newer platform, companies often need to bring their candidate database from an older system to the new one. A good Applicant Tracking System should allow the user to easily import this data into the database. Make sure to inquire about this capability when looking for a new applicant tracking system. Regardless of the size of your database, your vendor should be able to help you quickly migrate to the new system without any hiccups. Many organizations receive applicant information from multiple sources and soon this information can pile up in emails and folders, making it difficult to transfer these into the ATS database. Make sure that you can bulk import data into your ATS on a regular basis. This will allow your company to consolidate all incoming candidate information into one recruiting platform.

“A good Applicant Tracking System should allow the user to easily import…data into the database”

9 Candidate Quality

Comprehensive applicant tracking software unleashes a company’s power to drive multiple recruitment initiatives from a single platform – with focused applicant and resume tracking. The ability to multitask multiple sources to tap high quality talent and to collaboratively review applications, opens the door to valuable analysis and improvements. A great applicant tracking system not only makes it easier for all stakeholders to store, organize, and access critical information at any time, but also offers insights into those candidate qualities that your company is seeking. This information and the organized process can help your organization develop and implement a targeted recruiting and hiring strategy. It not only helps improve the quality of hires but can also cut down on the cost-per-hire, resulting in a better, faster, and cost-effective hiring process.

It takes some effort to go through the above due diligence to find a good Applicant Tracking System. However, the above checklist is intended to make it easier for you to quickly identify the right recruiting platform and a good applicant tracking system for your organization without going through a ton of product demos.

10 ATS Development Team Customer Support and Relationship

With many successful companies today, have you noticed you can’t call them? The communication and support of certain companies can be nonexistent. This can cause a huge delay in the needs of your specific business if there is a delay or no one on the ATS end to support you! Have you ever spoken to a customer service rep and realized they have no idea what the software they sell actually does and how to use it? Make sure you will be supported by your ATS/CRM software company, and that they have the skills and knowledge to customize, integrate, nail down any issues you may come across and do all of this in a timely manner. When working with any software company for your business it should never be a solo venture, working together with smooth efficiency is best! On your demo feel free to ask questions and get to know the team you will be working with!

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