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Bear Claw is the Next Generation of affordable Applicant Tracking System (ATS) + Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Built BY recruiters, FOR recruiters.

Talent Engagement Software like you’ve never seen before.

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ATS + CRM Platform

Fully Comprehensive.
Completely Customizable.
Always Affordable.

Bear Claw provides talent leaders with a comprehensive recruiting platform that’s as powerful as it is easy to use.

Seamlessly Enrich data, Engage talent, Automate workflows, and so much more, without breaking the bank.

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ATS + CRM Solutions

The recruiting wizard you didn’t know existed.
Until now.

Bear Claw will retrofit to your needs, from exclusive features, platform branding themes, Smart tags, integrations, reports, and everything in between.

Start with our comprehensive Premier solution and scale up or down as needed with our fully customizable Enterprise solution.

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Source Leads and Candidates

10X Faster.

Exponentially reduce time to hire with automated recruiting tools like FLO, Smart Tags, and Hot Match to increase your lifecycle-management efficiency by over 700%.

Hours of recruiting experience and over 10,000 placements and counting.


Achieve a 97% Stick Rate with a quadrupled Talent Pool to mazimize placement opportunities and easily engage with candidates.

People Records and enhance current talent data with missing data via our data enricher, Fuse

Don’t be a ball dropper or the recruiter who ghosts candidates.

Bear Claw’s dynamic tools are automated to securely gather, collect, and cultivate all your data in one place.​

  • Source candidate profile data in seconds with our Chrome Extension, Deep Reach.
  • Enhance current data with our enricher, FUSE.
  • Manage engagement efficiently with our automated workflows, FLO.
  • Customize anything and everything with MyWay to optimize YOUR recruiting needs.

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We’ve been there, tried them all, and understand your frustrations.

Bear Claw continuously cultivates opportunities to ensure nothing falls through the cracks because everyone deserves the chance to find their “Goldilocksjob.

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Instantly Recruit Great Talent

With a suite of customizable features, we’ll help you build out your ATS + CRM platform to retrofit current tools or technology.

Onboarding Trainer Roary

Onboard Fast with Intuitive Training

Designed with simplicity in mind, by expert recruiters who understand functionality and usability, our exclusive onboard trainer,

will have you using the Bear Claw platform faster than you can say ROAR!

Access Always-On Support

You need to move fast. Our customer support team provides comprehensive help — from day one to day one million.

Extensive Integrations

There’s no “I” in team… or Bear Claw.

…and despite what you may have heard about bears, we do play well with others.

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Customer Support

An ATS + CRM software that chooses quality over quantityevery time.

Work with a team of recruiting experts and 24/7 in-house customer support that understands there isn’t a “one-size fits all” template for talent acquisition success.

Alleviate frustrating user experiences, with our intuitive on-boarding trainer Roary Logo , who provides guided user support to meet your unique goals and productivity needs.

With Bear Claw, you’ll be set up for success from day one.

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About Us

We are innovation crafted with purpose from experience.

Because who’s better to build a recruiting platform than recruiters, right?

As experienced recruiters ourselves, having used several other ATS/CRM tools, we found many common holes & frustrations and realized it was because they weren’t built by actual recruiters.

So, we took matters into our own hands, and built our own platform around comprehensive usability. One accessible platform, automated to painlessly source and manage pipelines instantly and efficiently.

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Unleash the BEAST and discover how easy POWERFUL can be.

Try Bear Claw and be part of the next generation of talent leaders revolutionizing the recruitment industry from the inside out.

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