Heal Your Healthcare Applicant Tracking System

One tool. One CRM. The best way to find, hire, and vet the best healthcare professionals.

Reach out to verified leads for the right positions

You have A LOT of candidates in your system. Finding the right person when a client is looking for a position isn’t always easy. With LE@DS from Bear Claw, it is.

You have an open position. We’re going to give you:

  • A curated list of leads,
  • Verified emails,
  • AND a path to clear communication.

It’s automated. And oh yeah — we can help you write the emails.

Supporting Healthcare Because We Know Healthcare

Healthcare keeps growing. Make sure you have the right people to grow with it.


78% of medical leaders are spending more time on recruiting.


A 5% reduction in time-to-fill can yield $4.3 million in annual revenue.


AI in Healthcare is projected to reach $148.4B by 2029 with a CAGR of 48.1% from 2024 to 2029.

Already Vetted. Already Found. Candidates All Ready For Your Needs.

Finding the right people with the right licensing is crucial. Other systems just scour LinkedIn and hope for the best. They might send you unqualified leads, or leads with emails that are no longer in use. That’s not the Bear Claw way.

Our LE@DS+ service already has candidates filtered by the specific license you need. Every US candidate that is right for your position is right at your fingertips.

Get healthcare professionals with the right licenses

Create database of professionals tailored specifically to your immediate hiring needs

Be certain that 100% of emails are already checked and verified

Stop wasting time with unverified or unreachable leads

Hire the best candidate

Discover the cure for TOO MANY TABS.

You’ve got a lot of tabs open. So, so many tabs. You’re manually switching tabs to add leads or candidates.

We’re going to cure the curse of tabs.

Our Deep Reach Chrome extension automatically pulls your leads into the platform. No more jumping back and forth. No more switching. A neat desktop is a healthy and happy desktop.

In healthcare, you are the people you hire. Make them the right ones.

The people you hire take care of people. Our tools help you make sure that you are finding the best candidates. Never hire the wrong person, and never let a good candidate fall through the cracks.

Here are the tools to make your search even more focused:

Icon Custom Labeling


Use your customized hashtag system and action tags to tie together everything from leads to jobs to skills, and ensure transparency for a streamlined job search.



Automate candidate and lead matching using custom tags to link and categorize almost everything within the Bear Claw platform.

Icon Templates

Structured Interview Templates

SIT back and relax with access to 4,000+ templates to help with prescreening, interview planning, and collaborative feedback for a customized interview process.



Save a TON of time by automatically generating candidate bios based on your structured interview kits and hiring data. AutoBio makes tedious data entry tasks a thing of the past.

Artificial intelligence. Real connection.

Communicate with BC-Agent

You have a lot of applicants. In a lot of fields. You have to communicate with a lot of people. Our AI, BC-Agent, helps automate that as part of your workflow. What can we do?

  • Write accurate job descriptions for every part of your organization
  • Follow up with candidates
  • Ask focused pre-screen interview questions to help filter candidates
  • Sound like a human being!

BC-Agent is here to support you and maintain real human connection. Don’t worry!

Try Bear Claw and…

Be part of the next generation of talent leaders revolutionizing the recruitment industry from the inside out.

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Our BC-Agent revolutionizes recruitment with its personalized onboarding, merging technology with a human touch. Tailored welcome packets and schedules ensure new hires integrate smoothly.


Stay organized and maintain a personal touch with our platform’s end-of-day workflow report, delivered directly to your inbox, ensuring you’re always up to date and seamlessly organized.


You only use what you need. Our ATS + CRM is entirely customizable. We take away all of the unnecessary functions that you never use, ensuring you stay organized.