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Bear ATS + CRM empowers you and your team to identify and engage the top candidates.

All in one place.

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Your next generation generating tool.



The game changing communicator.



An automated approach to your search.

The right applicants. The right jobs. At the right time.

We know that you have open jobs and passive candidates. You have hot leads and slow burns. You’re keeping all of it on track. With Bear Claw, you can. It’s one system built for your specific needs that tracks candidates and jobs, all in one.

Reach out to verified le@ds+ for the right positions.

You have A LOT of candidates in your system. Finding the right person when a client is looking for a position isn’t always easy. With Le@ds+ from Bear Claw, it is.

You have an open position. We’re going to give you:

  • A curated list of leads,
  • Verified emails,
  • AND a path to clear communication.

It’s automated. And oh yeah — we can help you write the emails.

Become an expert in every field with BC-Agent.

Nothing artificial about this intelligence

Bear Claw-Agent is a generative learning machine that learns what your candidates need. We help you communicate with every candidate. It saves you time without ever sacrificing your human touch.

What does BC-Agent do?

Your next generation generating tool.

BC-Agent eliminates the tedious tasks of copy-pasting, tab-switching, and inefficient time management, allowing recruiters and staffing agencies to focus on strategic decision-making while enhancing their communication efforts.

The game changing communicator.

Powered by advanced automation, this innovative tool streamlines repetitive tasks into comprehensive workflows. It facilitates seamless management of follow-ups, reminders, interviews, and candidate status updates. With its robust automation capabilities, it ensures clear, concise, and consistent communication with all candidates, maintaining uniform engagement levels across all candidate pools.

An automated approach to your search.

Hot Match is designed to navigate through your talent pool with unmatched efficiency, identifying candidates that align with the specific requirements of job x and providing detailed explanations of their suitability. This streamlines the discovery process and equips recruiters with the necessary information to make informed and confident decisions.

Stop. Switching. Tabs.

Our Deep Reach Chrome extension: your gateway to streamlined lead management, seamlessly integrates your leads directly into our platform, eliminating the need for constant tab toggling—except, of course, for those essential cat video breaks. We totally get that.

What does this add up to?


Smooth onboarding improves new hire retention by 82%.


Companies report a 20% cost reduction using artificial intelligence (AI) in hiring procedures.


81% of surveyed companies planning to invest in AI-driven solutions to automate and enhance their recruiting processes in 2024.

Get the ATS and CRM recruiting system built for you (and only you).

Do you want a lot of bells and whistles you won’t use? Do you want a system that isn’t big enough to suit your needs? Or do you want something that’s just right?

With Bear Claw’s customizable platform, you pay for what you use, and you’ll use what you pay for.

It’s just that simple.

Try Bear Claw and…

Be part of the next generation of talent leaders revolutionizing the recruitment industry from the inside out.

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Our BC-Agent revolutionizes recruitment with its personalized onboarding, merging technology with a human touch. Tailored welcome packets and schedules ensure new hires integrate smoothly.


Stay organized and maintain a personal touch with our platform’s end-of-day workflow report, delivered directly to your inbox, ensuring you’re always up to date and seamlessly organized.


You only use what you need. Our ATS + CRM is entirely customizable. We take away all of the unnecessary functions that you never use, ensuring you stay organized.