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With a comprehensive ATS + CRM platform so powerful it should come with a warning label.

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Recruiting software built so you can become an opportunity matchmaker.

Automated tools for endless platform and integration customizations to optimize every aspect of your recruiting process.

With just one click, you really can have it all.

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SOURCE Quality Talent

Identify and scrape talent data to instantly find the right talent for the right role.

ENRICH Candidate Data

Fine-tune your data and access candidate insights and contact information to enhance the recruiting and selling experience.

ENGAGE Talent and AUTOMATE Workflows

Add candidates to your custom workflows to keep your talent pipeline in motion, to reduce the mundane nuances of manual data entry and management.


Seamlessly connect potential candidates to open roles with tools that utilize Smart Action Tags to create a custom and categorized network.


Manage and automatically generate candidate bios with data gathered from customizable prescreen templates, interview planning, bi-directional sync integrations, comprehensive manager feedback, and more.

COMPREHENSIVE Reporting & Analytics

Optimize data access using real-time reports with customizable delivery times, whenever and wherever you need them.

INTUITIVE Passive Candidate Tracking

Bear Claw knows the recruiting lifecycle doesn’t end at placement, so we make sure not to let any opportunities fall through the cracks, and neither should you.

Bear Claw – FUSE

Uncover hidden candidate information with our data enrichment magic wand.

A tool built to enhance the depth and accuracy of information scraping when sourcing and selling.

Fuse accessible data with previously hidden data to increase the volume and accuracy of recruitment sourcing.

Start Enriching Data Now

Bear Claw Enrichment Feature
Bear Claw Workflow Feature

Bear Claw – FLO

Gain instant visibility into your pipeline and workflows.

Automate your recruiting and sales workflows with intervals personalized to retrofit and target your specific lifecycle needs.

With custom dashboards, you can streamline your recruiting pipelines, workflows, and follow-up tasks, while simultaneously keeping an eye on all active and passive candidates.

Automate My Workflows

Tools to Cultivate

Never let an opportunity fall through the cracks again.

The more you tag, the more Bear Claw matches!

Efficiently categorize tasks and create more comprehensive report analytics, with tools like Smart Tags, Hot Match, Structured Interview Kits (SIKs), and more.

Start Dominating Placement


Use your customized hashtag system and action tags to tie together everything from leads to jobs to skills, and ensure transparency for a streamlined job search.


Automate candidate and lead matching using custom tags to link and categorize almost everything within the Bear Claw platform.

Structured Interview Kits (SIKs)

Access 4,000+ templates to help with prescreening, interview planning, and collaborative feedback for a customized interview process using our structured interview kits.


Save a TON of time by automatically generating candidate bios based on your structured interview kits and hiring data. AutoBio makes tedious data entry tasks a thing of the past.

Bear Claw Bear Share Image

Bear Claw – Bear Share (beta)

Create custom recruitment advertisements in minutes.

Need to post a job announcement…yesterday?

Promote with confidence using custom branded templates to get your ad out faster than you can say ROAR!

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Bear Claw – “MyWay”

Access a completely customizable ATS + CRM platform.

It’s your way or the highway!

Eliminate the bells and whistles you don’t need and start customizing your Enterprise ATS + CRM Solution to fit your needs — your way.

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Bear Claw MyWay and Customization