Bear Claw

Using state-of-the-art neural networks and machine learning, Bear Claw empowers you to direct your human resources to where they deliver the highest ROI – engaging directly with talent both inside and outside your organization.

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These are just some of the technologies Bear Claw can integrate with

Bear Claw Multi-Platform

Experience Matters

Bear Claw’s strong investment in R&D ensures access to leading-edge technology, while our knowledge base allows for systems to carefully and reliably make precise predictions, which is the result of years working shoulder to shoulder with over 650 enterprise-level organizations. The end result is Bear Claw’s robust platform-native AI, supported by a decade of experience with text processing, semantics, and machine learning.

A Glimpse Into the Features Enabled by Our Technology

Boolean search is a very capable and powerful search engine, but it’s one that requires users to have years of on-field experience, and to know what they are looking for. Driven by deep-learning, our semantic engine understands user intent and intelligently expands search queries via industry-specific terminology and relevancy.

Search by Meaning

Our system is capable of recognizing the intent behind search strings, adding closely related terms to each search query automatically.

Customize on the Fly

You can add or remove suggestions of job titles and skills, and can turn off semantic search altogether with just a few clicks.

A system that intelligently scores candidates and employees based on the qualifications you set for each position.

Automatic Shortlists

Instantly find the best talent in your database for any position based on their skills, resume and the requirements of the job.

Jobs Feature

The Future of HR

Many day-to-day administrative and operational tasks can be fully automated with current demonstrated technologies, yet the ROI on recruiting and performance management technology is unlike any other: The productivity of HR teams has a multiplicative effect that ripples through the entire company.