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Top tech talent moves fast. With Bear Claw ATS + CRM, you move faster

Reduce time to hire. Speed up time to market.

The good news: there is a lot of great tech talent. The bad news: your competition is trying to hire them. The really good news: if you can reduce the time it takes to hire the best applicants, you’ll get them working for you.

The awesome news: with Bear Claw, you can. The 3 Steps to Success:

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Do it fast. Do it right. Get it done.

BC-Agent: Specialized skills for special jobs

Imagine if an applicant just writes “tech” in the Skills Section. Not helpful. Now imagine that they write everything they’ve ever done. That might be great, but how do you know it’s right for you?

Technology changes. Experience doesn’t equal skill.

Bear Claw’s AI can be configured to assess specific technical skills. It can filter candidates based on programming languages, software development methodologies, or other technical proficiencies critical for these roles.


BC-Agent at every stage of the process

From beginning to end, we help Tech and SaaS firms identify, communicate with, and hire the best people.

Automated Job Postings

AI capabilities to craft compelling, SEO-optimized job descriptions that resonate with the role’s requirements and the latest industry trend.

Dynamic Applicant Tracking

Predict candidates who are the most likely to excel in their roles to focus on high-potential applicants.

Personalized Candidate Communication

AI-driven personalization crafts emails that are tailored to each candidate, significantly improving engagement rates and connections.

AI-Powered Interview Scheduling

AI analyzes calendars, preferences, and historical data to ensure high attendance rates based on average availability, streamlining the scheduling process.

Collaborative Hiring

Analyze strengths, concerns, and team adaptability to facilitate a consensus-driven approach to hiring.

Advanced Compliance and Reporting

Analyze recruitment data to generate trends, biases, and areas of improvement to ensure adherence to DEI goals and refine recruitment strategies.

LE@DS+: Target the right talent

Deciding if experienced candidates are the right match for your role is one of the most critical skills talent acquisition specialists need. There’s two ways:

The Old Way

  1. Go to a popular job-based social media site
  2. Attempt not to get distracted by posts
  3. Find your candidate, and scroll through their profile
  4. Attempt to find the right credentials and certification
  5. Get distracted by where they went to college
  6. Keep looking

The Bear Claw Way

  1. Receive sorted lead data directly
  2. 100% verified and accurate leads
  3. Determine the fit of the lead by utilizing hot match within Bear Claw’s platform
  4. You’re still relaxing, here
  5. Talk to the best applicants out there

What does this add up to?

Let’s look at the numbers:


65% of tech hiring managers say recruiting is becoming more challenging with a shortage of skilled candidates.

3 year average employee tenure in tech meaning a currently high turnover rate.


37% of tech recruiters are already using AI-powered tools with the most common use cases being resume screening (66%), candidate sourcing (54%), and interview scheduling (41%).

The system built for you

With Bear Claw’s customizable platform, you pay for what you need, and you’ll only use what you need. It’s that simple.

Bear Claw is designed with tech and SaaS in mind.


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Scale Up

Scale up without compromising quality.


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Integrate with your existing tech stack.


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Data Driven

Put data in the middle of your decision making.

A recruiting platform backed by AI and ML.

Traditional recruiting methods are no longer enough. Bear Claw revolutionizes how you attract and retain top tech talent.

  • AI-Infused Sourcing: Use AI to identify and engage talent from a range of channels. By understanding the specific skills and qualifications you seek, Bear Claw can proactively seek out candidates that meet and exceed your requirements.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Bear Claw automates tasks and communication with candidates into comprehensive workflows to streamline a more efficient way to hire top talent.
  • Future-Proof Hiring: Stay ahead of the competition by predicting market trends and skill demands. Our platform provides insights that enable you to identify candidates with future-proof skills, ensuring your team remains responsive to the changing tech landscape.
  • Attract and Retain Top Performers: With Bear Claw, you offer a highly communicative candidate experience, from initial engagement to final offer.

You’re not just hiring for the now, but proactively building a talent pipeline that keeps your business ahead of the curve.

Try Bear Claw and…

Be part of the next generation of talent leaders revolutionizing the recruitment industry from the inside out.

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Our BC-Agent revolutionizes recruitment with its personalized onboarding, merging technology with a human touch. Tailored welcome packets and schedules ensure new hires integrate smoothly.


Stay organized and maintain a personal touch with our platform’s end-of-day workflow report, delivered directly to your inbox, ensuring you’re always up to date and seamlessly organized.


You only use what you need. Our ATS + CRM is entirely customizable. We take away all of the unnecessary functions that you never use, ensuring you stay organized.