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Bear Claw is the ultimate Talent Engagement System born out of the necessity to focus on finding and placing passive candidate talent. We found that a huge chunk of our recruiters’ time was spent on important but time-consuming/grunt activities like sourcing, data entry, and task management. We built a platform that allows headhunters to focus on what is the most important part of placement, which is engaging and cultivating.

Bear Claw ATS is a complete talent engagement system that takes traditional applicant tracking and merges it with passive candidate headhunting. A big challenge for companies and agencies is sifting through applicants to find the right candidates. To truly find the right candidates for your business or your client’s business, you must go out and find them. Bear Claw’s ATS gives you all of the tools for both.

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of hires sourced
follow up with applicants for high volume roles
recruiters enabled to hire efficiently


Automatically track your placements, fees, and invoices

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Smart matching of jobs to potential candidates and leads based on your preferred criteria. With one click, Bear Claw will match any tags from a job with matching tags from your lead and candidate list.

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