ATS Account Management


Bear Claw ATS provides users with all the tools necessary for the recruitment and ATS account management process.

Saying this, essential tools for the sales and account management abilities have been made to make every process as streamlined as possible.

One amazing tool in Bear Claw ATS designed for sales and ATS account management is Bear Claw Playbook. With Bear Claw Playbook, we give full visibility of your company’s sales and account management processes to end-users. You can map out your processes in the playbook so that any end-user will have all the necessary information and tools in just a handful of clicks! With Bear Claw ATS, users receive a quality hands-on recruitment experience that’s consistent with bringing forth strong candidates that meet their specifications! Automate your recruitment process with our specially developed tools and features. With Bear Claw Playbook, we take into consideration other important aspects such as sales and ATS account management! Bear Claw Playbook goes hand-in-hand with several other recruitment features we provide. Join the Bear Claw family and start using Bear Claw ATS today!

Bear Claw ATS incorporates a modern and sleek design as well as improves productivity and recruitment processing speed. Learn more about how you can improve your companies recruitment accuracy and efficiency with Bear Claw. We want to work with you!

An improved account management strategy isn’t all Bear Claw can provide, Check out other features like Bear Claw Tag and Bear Claw Match.
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