One of the most crucial steps in the recruitment process is continuing and having an effective follow-up process. In the past, recruiters would have to spend more time engaging in the follow-up to acquire the most qualified and talented people they wanted for the job. Bear Claw ATS/CRM provides a system filled with essential tools that make the recruitment process an easier, yet more efficient system. One of these incredible tools goes by the name Cultivate.

Sitting alongside Bear Claw Deep Reach, which helps the user get potential leads into the system, this tool “cultivates” them. With Cultivate, the user keeps the engagement consistent through social media in a fully automated follow-up process. Alongside serving as a fully optimized follow-up program, Cultivate allows the user to create workflow lists and templates, create campaigns for specific jobs, and set workflow for many different campaigns.

Here at Bear Claw, we understand the importance of time management. Making these processes fully automated gives recruiters more time to work on other aspects involved with recruitment. Cultivate provides a faster and more efficient method of recruiting while maintaining a high level of quality engagement. Our software as a whole seeks to provide recruiters a consistent quality hiring process to bring forth an outcrop of strong candidates. Join the Bear Claw family and start using our Cultivate tool today!

More about Bear Claw ATS/CRM

Bear Claw ATS/CRM comes with a wide variety of one of a kind features! Developed by recruiters for recruiters and because of this, Bear Claw ATS/CRM is not only easier to use than other Applicant Tracking Software systems, Bear Claw is fun to use, brandable with your company logo, offers multiple themes to choose from and can also automatically generate a beautiful graphic of your listings and post to your social media with just a few clicks! No longer needing a graphic designer to post your listings for the public to see saves time and money!

We have never been so excited to share our amazing best in class ATS/CRM software! We have different package levels and can curtail our Bear Claw ATS/CRM software to meet your specific needs. Our Bear Claw team is standing by to give you and your company all the information you need to get started with Bear Claw ATS/CRM. Let us help you find the best fit to improve your candidate headhunting and applicant tracking.

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