Office 365 and Gmail Sync


Office 365 and Gmail Sync

Our main purpose here at Bear Claw is to make the recruitment process a smooth, headache-free, and time-efficient process when combined with Office 365 and Gmail. Alongside our larger and grander essential tools, we also take the time to consider the smaller aspects in the hiring process that always seem to take up more time than you think.

Bear Claw ATS/CRM offers Bi-Direction Email, along with Calendar Syncing with Office 365 and Gmail. Directly through the Bear Claw records, users are able to send and receive emails and text messages, keeping a record in Bear Claw to show all past interactions with leads and all future interactions. Replies are entered into the record and any appointments made will sync with your calendar.

Our team strives to make your entire workspace as streamlined as possible. Using our Bi-Directional Emailing System, paired with the Calendar Syncing, you can connect everything directly into your Bear Claw ATS/CRM. Let us help you make the recruiting process easier than ever!

More about Bear Claw ATS/CRM

Bear Claw ATS/CRM comes with a wide variety of one of a kind features! Developed by recruiters for recruiters and because of this, Bear Claw ATS/CRM is not only easier to use than other Applicant Tracking Software systems, Bear Claw is fun to use, brandable with your company logo, offers multiple themes to choose from and can also automatically generate a beautiful graphic of your listings and post to your social media with just a few clicks! No longer needing a graphic designer to post your listings for the public to see saves time and money!

We have never been so excited to share our amazing best in class ATS/CRM software! We have different package levels and can curtail our Bear Claw ATS/CRM software to meet your specific needs. Our Bear Claw team is standing by to give you and your company all the information you need to get started with Bear Claw ATS/CRM. Let us help you find the best fit to improve your candidate headhunting and applicant tracking.

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