Recruiting With AI: 3 Types of AI Every Recruiter Should Know About


Candidates are using AI tools to make the application process quicker and more effective. So why can’t recruiters do the same?

We’ve all heard buzz around AI for years, but the chatter got much louder when generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Gemini caught the public’s attention in the past year. Many people began to experiment with AI for the first time. Their creativity took off in all directions, with early adopters using the platforms to plan gardens and write novels.

It wasn’t long before these new AI tools made their way into the world of work. A Resume Builder survey found that 46% of job seekers used ChatGPT to craft their resumes and/or cover letters. Most reported success — 70% of those who used ChatGPT saw a higher response rate from potential employers.

What about AI in recruitment?

Candidates are using AI tools to make the application process quicker and more effective. This raises an important question: Can employers leverage AI in recruitment, too?

The answer is yes, AI powered recruitment is possible. Recruiters can use generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Gemini to work faster and better. In fact, the use cases for AI recruiting are nearly limitless. But recruiters need to be familiar with the different types of AI technology before they can understand the potential of artificial intelligence in recruitment.

Explore three types of technology recruiters should embrace to reap the rewards of AI.

#1: Natural language processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the technologies powering ChatGPT. Even if you haven’t used ChatGPT, you’ve encountered NLP . It’s the technology that powers tools like Google Translate and Alexa.

NLP has the power to make many recruiting tasks much more efficient, and it also serves as a source of creativity and inspiration. Recruiters can use NLP-powered tools to draft job descriptions, write emails to candidates or create copy for social media posts. The possibilities of AI in recruitment are endless.

To see NLP in action, recruiters can experiment with free tools online. If using tools like ChatGPT or Gemini, be sure to tinker with your prompts until you get the responses you like.

#2: Machine learning

Machine learning technologies are built to analyze patterns and predict outcomes. You may not realize it, but machine learning is at work when you’re out and about and your phone suggests a route home.

Like NLP, machine learning holds the potential to improve recruiting’s efficiency and quality. It mimics human learning in that its accuracy improves as it’s used. That’s how machine learning can implement AI powered recruitment to predict candidate and employee behavior — it can even pinpoint employees who may be ready to find a new job.

Machine learning isn’t as easy to experiment with as NLP tools. But recruiters can still learn more about machine learning by reading up on the subject in publications like IBM’s Think.

#3: AI candidate sourcing tools

Automated sourcing tools use software and algorithms to identify and attract candidates. The tools pull information from job boards, professional networking sites and resume databases and perform an automated search for individuals whose profiles match certain qualifications.

Recruiters who use AI sourcing tools can save time and effort, all while upgrading the quality of their candidate sourcing. They can quickly search through large numbers of job seekers to find applicants who are best suited for job opportunities.

Learn more about automated candidate sourcing tools by trying out free AI candidate sourcing tools offered by vendors. Organizations like Bear Claw offer software demos that not only familiarize recruiters with a tool’s capabilities, but also demonstrate how this technology can change the game of talent acquisition.

These examples represent only three technologies under the umbrella of automation. But by familiarizing themselves with even just a few types of AI, recruiters unlock endless possibilities to elevate their performance and upgrade the candidate experience.

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